Helping you be Fantastic

“It takes just one drop to make a ripple of change”

Be part of the FANTASTIC revolution and make some achievable changes now.

We’re here to help you change as much or as little as YOU can. We don’t want faddy unsustainable behaviours, we want sustainability to fit into the routines of normal, busy people like you.

We’ve set up FANTASTIC Less Plastic to further raise the profile of plastic (and other) pollution, and to provide individuals and organisations with the items and knowledge for realistic, do-able and easy changes that they can implement to cut their use of plastic and make a real difference.

With nearly 20 years professional experience in research consultancy, policy making, service design and behaviour change, I founded FANTASTIC Less Plastic as a place to make it easier for people like me and you to find their way to being better.

We can offer inspiration, advice, talks and workshops aimed at general practical tips or specifically tailored to your needs.


Get in touch and we can help you make some FANTASTIC changes to your home, school, business or community group.


How can we help you as an individual? Our aim is to increase people’s understanding of how each and every one of us can do our bit to help our planet and our oceans. There are so many ways we could do this, but one simple start we can all achieve is reducing the amount of single-use and wasteful plastic that we choose to have within the home. Our BLOG page has lots of helpful tips to help you on your way that fit around your routines and priorities.

If you need some extra help, please get in touch so we can give you some undivided attention and help you to be even better at reducing waste in your home.

Community Groups & Schools

We can work with schools and other community groups to offer engaging talks, workshops and practical steps to show how to use less plastic and take better care of the planet. Young people are sponges of information and show real appetite for learning about how to take care of our planet.

So if your school, brownies or other community organisation would like more information on what we could provide, please get in touch, we’d love to discuss with you ways in which we could help.


Whether it’s through government legislation, or your own personal sense of responsibility to the world we live in, as business owners we need to be more aware of the impact of the ways in which we operate. Whether you’re a freelancer or a larger organisation, you can make tangible, actionable changes in the way you work that will show a real difference.

FANTASTIC Less Plastic can offer inspiration and realistic goals and strategies for your employees and business. Please get in touch so we can begin that conversation and help you make the first steps to making your business more eco-conscious.

plastic free parties

(South East only)
If you’re not sure where to start on your planet kind journey, or you’re doing great and want to share your success with your friends and family, let us come and host a FANTASTIC party for you.

With some top info, games, great tips and brilliant samples, it’s more fun than it sounds! There’ll be no ‘waste shaming’ and no pressure to buy, but if you love what you see, all we ask is that you support us and spread the word!