1. Fantastic what??

Thanks for visiting Fantastic less plastic, we’re thrilled you’ve got far enough to be reading this, and afterwards you should have a pretty good idea about where we’ve come from and where we’re going…

2. Fantastic less plastic is shiny and new

Unlike me! I have almost 20 years experience in research consultancy, policy making, service design and behaviour change. I’m Ellie, founder of Fantastic less plastic and as well as a successful career, I’ve also been lucky enough to have travelled this awesome world of ours. Day-to-day I manage to juggle family life, focussing on the good stuff and getting my two brilliant small people to be the best they can too.

3. Sounds great, so what’s the problem?

The E words. Environment. Eco -friendly. It doesn’t matter how oblivious or aware of the environment we are personally, it’s happening anyway.
This year in particular we’ve heard more than ever about the problems our planet is facing; warmer summers, colder winters, melting icecaps, depleting rain forests, dying coral reefs, extreme flooding and other unpredictable and dangerously frequent weather phenomenon. Some of this can be put down to the Earth’s ‘natural cycle’ (I know! Apparently even if it takes 20,000 years it can still be a natural cycle). But I also know that we, us, all of us, have had, and continue to have an impact on our environment.
Some of the consequences of our behaviour on our environment are more difficult for us to see and so can be harder to understand. But plastic?? Well, it’s pretty easy to see that our use of plastic is having a devastating impact on our world. This one is not going away. Actually, it’s really not.

Every. Single. Bit. Of. Plastic. Ever. Made. STILL. EXISTS.

And its smothering our oceans.

Killing our wildlife.

And impacting on every part of us. Even in the food we eat.

(Booo hisss at lots of plastic).

4. Isn’t the problem bigger than us?

In part it’s true. Maybe someone else will fix this? I wish politicians and industry leaders would take more responsibility and, arguably, they are all trying to do something…maybe big change is coming. Lots of countries for example have already banned single use plastic bags altogether.
But I know from experience that policy changes can take a fair while to be impactful. And on the flip side we’re all in this together. I’ve seen that we’re adaptable and how simple, easy behaviour changes can have huge impact. Genuine eco-warriors are amazing in their efforts and we’re learning from them every step of the way, but baby steps from all of us are worth just as much. Small changes ADD up.

Just think if each of us in the UK stopped buying plastic drink bottles (say 1 per week), it’d save almost 3 Billion bottles each year – that’s got to be a change worth making.

5. Call us Fantastic LESS plastic

It’s not that ‘fantastic no plastic’ was taken, our name is a deliberate acknowledgement that we’re not here to be perfect or judge others who aren’t. Less is more when it comes to the environment. We’re here to help you change as much or as little as YOU can. We don’t want faddy unsustainable behaviours, we want sustainability to fit into the routines of normal, busy people like you. And we acknowledge that there will probably always be a place for some plastic, such as in medical equipment. And my son hasn’t seen a wooden lego block yet. There is no pressure to change everything.
BUT, there are some simple ways to use less plastic and be kinder to our world that are becoming impactful already and we’re learning with you all the time.

6. So where do we come in to this?

It’s all of the above that’s led us here. Our experience, skills and life experiences, growing knowledge and visions for the future. This is us, doing our bit.

Here at fantastic less plastic you’ll find lots of help to believe in better and make smarter choices that this whole freakin planet will thank you for.

We are keen to work to enhance understanding of how each and every one of us can do our bit to help our planet and our oceans in lots of ways, including by reducing the use of single use and wasteful plastic. Through our own hard work and working with awesome partners who share similar values, we’re able to offer valuable advice to you guys, individuals, small businesses and…well, anyone who’s interested really. We’re also particularly passionate about running workshops with small people (in years not height), so please get in touch if you’re interested in working with us in the new year.

We also have tons of brilliant ideas for plastic free alternatives to day-to-day products and will soon be offering well chosen starter kits, gift sets and homeware to help you on your way. (The website is still being developed, so please bear with us on that, but if there is a plastic free product that you’re particularly interested in, get in contact and I’m sure we can help). 

We’d like fantastic less plastic to become a community for all of us to share ideas and learn together.

So please do get in touch with any comments, advice, top tips or requests for help ellie@fantasticlessplastic.com

And if you can, please follow @fantasticlessplastic on Instagram, and facebook.

Lastly, we know this blog is a bit long…we promise they wont always be this lengthy!