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This is a brilliant box if you love to eat out! Out-side that is! No more throw-away plastics once you get your hands on this stunning reusable lunch box and sustainable drinking bottle. You also have the option of adding reusable straws to the box to make it even more eco-friendly. The box set includes:

  • 1 x stainless steel lunch box with snack pot and bag
  • 1 x fantastic drinking bottle for drinks at the perfect temperature all day long


Stainless Steel Lunchbox

The Stainless Steel Lunchbox Set from Mintie is the perfectly proportioned lunchbox and food storage solution for all those lunches on the go, picnics and snacks. With its 1 litre capacity it is big enough to hold a sandwich and sides or a stir-fry and sauce but compact enough for smaller people to carry and open too for school lunch or picnic in the park. This will keep your food fresh, safe and beautifully presented at all times. No need for additional cling film, food wrap or foil, reducing waste and exposure to plastics.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

These jerry water bottles are brilliant! They’re 550ml double wall insulated so will keep your drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. No more wasteful plastic bottles or lukewarm drinks in the summer. The range of colours are stunning, and FANTASTIC Less Plastic are offering these in blue, orange, flamingo pink and yellow, just choose your favourite.

Cool enough to be your gym buddy and funky enough for the kids lunch boxes, I love Jerry's fabulous working ethos. They donate profits to fund clean water projects around the world, so you can enjoy your drink, safe in the knowledge that you’re helping others to do the same.


Reusable Straws – optional

Easy to take out and about or use at home, these straw kits speak for themselves.

Great for kids but smart enough for cocktails, in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold and Silver, and with their own pouch and cleaner, what's not to love.


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These FANTASTIC box sets are carefully designed to give you alternatives to the biggest plastic baddies with practical every day life in mind. You’ll save 15% on the purchase price of the separate items. Why not add some straws, a sandwich pouch or a glass drinking cup to maximise your eco friendly lunch?

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Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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  1. Steve Jeyes

    Got this box as a gift and it’s a great set. The bottle is robust yet funky (I went for Orange), and the lunch box is a great bit of kit (including a nifty dressing pot).

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