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This box of lovely things for your kitchen is a great, practical and stylish way to start to reduce single use plastic in your home. There’s a lot included here that tackles some of the big kitchen baddies like cling film, throw away sponges and wasteful cloths.

  • a fabulous multipurpose coconut scourer
  • a lovely scrubby sponge, reusable and machine washable, and biodegradable when you’re finally ready to part
  • 4 Bees Wax Co. food covers/wraps which will help you get rid of plastic cling film
  • a set of 6 lovely reusable cleaning wipes that are washable, reusable and a fantastic replacement for paper kitchen towels and wipes
  • Produce bag

More details on the individual items below.


Coconut Scourer (twin pack)

This pack of 2 fabulous multipurpose scourers are highly durable and, made of coconut husk are totally biodegradable. They're designed to meet style with sustainability and with all the functionalities to deliver a superior clean in your home. Tough enough for hard surfaces but safe on non-stick pans - genius.

Heavy Duty None Sponge

No Plastic. No Waste...  These scrubby ‘none’ sponges are plastic free alternatives to disposable dish sponges, made from just cotton, hessian, and bamboo. Traditional sponges wash plastic particles into our water system with every use. These are biodegradable and look so much nicer! The cotton and tough hessian layers sandwich the quilted naturally antibacterial and highly absorbent bamboo core.


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Beeswax Wraps - 4 pack

These reusable food wraps are a safe and friendly way to wrap your food, snacks or left overs. They are a brilliant replacement for cling film (or foil) that you throw away after one use. They’re clingy, but in a good way! Just push the sides down over a food container or around your sandwich and the warmth from your hands helps mould the wraps to give a strong seal.


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Cotton ‘unpaper’ towel

To save wasteful kitchen towel and wipes, these pack of 6 ‘unpaper’ towels are perfect to use all over the home to clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces. I have them around the house for multiple uses which means no paper towels or wipes to throw away. They can be used wet or dry and re-used and when you're ready just washed for use time and again.

They look great too in both colourways; choose a lovely neutral grey triangle print or a lively black and white check.

Best of all they’ll stick to each other and hold up around your kitchen towel holder.


Cotton Produce Bag – optional

Who doesn’t need an extra produce bag. This one’s handmade, eco friendly and plastic free so great for transporting foods, storing or taking to the shops!


ECO Coconut Dish Brush – optional

This is a fabulous all purpose kitchen cleaning/washing up brush (bristles made of coconut husk). It’s a biodegradable and highly durable multipurpose cleaning brush that has been designed to bring sustainable style to your kitchen,  delivering a superior clean with no scratching.


ECO Coconut Bottle Brush – optional

These are great multipurpose bottle brush (bristles made of coconut husk). I use mine all the time for general cleaning, washing up of drinking bottles, bubbly glasses and any awkward corners of tins and pans. Also perfect for cleaning baby bottles.

The simple and effective design delivers precision cleaning capabilities. And they look so much nicer than plastic ones!


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These FANTASTIC box sets are carefully designed to give you alternatives to the biggest plastic baddies with practical every day life in mind. You’ll save 15% on the purchase price of the separate items.

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Cotton ‘unpaper’ towel


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