The Bathroom Box

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These FANTASTIC box sets are carefully designed to give you alternatives to the biggest plastic baddies in the bathroom with practical every day life in mind. The bathroom box set includes:

  • a luxurious long lasting soap bar of your choice
  • a bamboo toothbrush
  • vegan, natural toothpaste
  • a set of 10 silky soft reusable face wipes
  • a konjac sponge
  • a pack of 100 bamboo, biodegradable cotton buds.


Luxury Soap Bar

These soap bars are like no others! Traditionally made using the cold press method in a kitchen in South East England, the soaps are hand made with only the highest quality ingredients including a shea butter base and essential oil blends – and you can tell. Kept properly there’s no mushy soap scum or residue, these soaps last for months and once you’ve used them, I bet you’ll never go back.

Bamboo Toothbrush (Grey)

This beautiful adult bamboo toothbrush is made with plant based bristles and will look fabulous in any bathroom or travel bag. Plastic toothbrushes are found littered around beaches all over the world. This alternative from Truthbrush looks beautiful and luxurious as well as being biodegradable. The rounded ergonomic handle is crafted from sustainable, organic bamboo which is naturally anti-bacterial and this has a dip of grey on the handle so you know its yours!

Available on back-order

Natural Toothpaste

Your bamboo brush will pair brilliantly with this natural toothpaste from Georganics.

Blended with English Peppermint and Lime essential oils, steam distilled and certified organic, this is a great replacement for every-day whitening toothpastes. Using no plastic, it comes in a glass jar with screw on metal lid, and a small wooden spatula. 


Face Wipes (Grey print)

These silky soft Face wipes are perfect for removing make up and using as part of your skincare routine to replace disposable makeup removal wipes (which contain plastic, and wasteful cotton wool rounds (that come in plastic).

I use mine for make up removal with our lovely White Rabbit cleanser, but also for cleaning the kids cuts and bruises, and anything else I used to need cotton wool or wipes for.

A black and white check print and 10 in a pack, they can be used both sides so will last a while before needing to be washed. When you're done,  gather them up and put them in the washing machine to use over again.

Also available in blue/black check (please add to notes in order if you'd like these)

Each wipe is approx. 8cms x 8cms


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Konjac Sponge

Avoid plastic sponges and wipes with this super soft Konjac Sponge. This sponge is made from the root of a konjac plant and is hard until moistened when just like magic it becomes super soft. Beautifully gentle, even soft enough for babies and great for applying facial washes.

Cotton Buds (biodegradable)

You can save 100s of bits of plastic entering the ecosysyem with these awesome bamboo cotton buds. The handle is made from 100% biodegradable, sustainably-grown bamboo with organic cotton on the ends. They wont bend like paper versions or pollute like plastic ones - perfect.

100 pieces per pack.


Kids Bamboo Brush – optional

The kids bamboo brush - with have a mixture of colourful bristles so all the kids know who’s is who’s. The toothbrushes are packaged in recyclable paper and will be sent a random colour selection. If you have a colour preference or your child has a favourite, please make a note of it in the note section of your order. I can't promise, but if we have it in stock I'll make sure you get the one you want.

Natural Dental Floss – optional

How can 30 metres of dental floss be so beautiful?! Say goodbye to all those plastic dispensers. The minty jar of loveliness is easy to use with its metal cap dispenser and looks so nice on any shelf, as well as being fully reusable or recyclable.

Floss Picks – optional

Try the Humble floss picks that use corn-starch as its main base and comes packed in a eco-friendly paper bag.

Humble floss picks makes flossing a piece of cake! The double threading ensures that food debris is effectively removed whilst the shape of the pick promotes easy access to those hard to reach places.

Use Humble floss picks daily and give your mouth something to smile about!


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