Organic, natural jute scrubbie cloths x 2


These hand knitted cloths are 100% plant based, made only out of certified 100% organic cotton and natural jute. This set includes one cotton and one jute scrubber – the jute cloth is more abrasive providing extra scrubbing power, the cotton is softer making them a fabulous all round cleaning set for all over your home. Wash and use over and over. 

These cloths by Toockie are a bit special, not only because of their ability to replace plastic in your cleaning routine but because they’re knitted by women in Nabipur, who have been given the opportunity to earn a living for themselves in a dignified way. You’ll even see the names of the knitter on the back of each pack she’s made.





• Each cloth is approx 7.5 inches square
• 1 of each (cotton and jute scrubber)
• Vintage dish cloth pattern with a punch!
• Stronger and denser than regular cotton
• Deep scrub without scratching including tops, dishes, stainless steel, bathrooms and more
• Tough cleaning and long lasting
• Machine wash/dry
• Compostable and recycles as potting mesh

These last really well if cared for properly but should you ever feel like your it is ready for the bin, fear not! It is fully compostable, just cut up (carefully) and add to your compost heap.


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