So the festive season is drawing to an end. We’re lucky and it’s been a good one, and I’ve tried to stick as much as possible to my FLP (Fantastic Less Plastic) principles. So, I’ve been conscious not to buy excessively (hmm, did so-so with this), I’ve been careful to wrap well with totally recyclable stuff including brown paper and washi tape (often a talking point at gift giving times and on the whole people really liked it). We cooked a lot, hosted a lot, ate a lot, but then we also ate the leftovers (no hardship here!).
Actually I’m particularly proud of not using cling film to store the leftovers, foil did just the job and once rinsed is totally recyclable. China, glass and some old Tupperware that my mum had accumulated over the years came in handy and I’ve got reusable silicone food bags too. They’re liquid tight, freezer proof and reusable so the best sort of plastic if there has to be some and FLP will soon be offering some great food storage solutions to reduce waste.
My other half did a brilliant job of practising the scrunch test to look out the recyclable paper and removing all the sellotape so we could recycle it. WINNERS here too.
We gave some eco friendly gifts where possible, including some great plastic free products including body butter, hair wax and beard oil. And….I even made some shortbread cookies and some essential oil “balm”. (Admittedly the biscuits were good, the balm needs refining, a lot but my very close friends and family are too polite to reject a gift and appreciated the gesture! It’ll need a lot of work if I ever do it again but the intention was good).
And for some family we gifted “experiences” rather than stuff, no waste there… just happy memories.
So…I thought we’d done really well. And then today happened.
The final of the family festive celebrations was a visit to the theatre today. I didn’t deliberately take my FLP head with me, but it wasn’t hard to see the vast amounts of waste from just ONE showing of Aladdin. There were sweet packets for starters, drinks being emptied from their glass or can containers INTO single use plastic cups at the bar (for health and safety). It was a head in hands moment and that was all before the ticker tape started falling. I could see it everywhere. The show was brilliant and I silently noticed all this without commenting and drawing my families attention to it. And then I spotted someone else a few rows ahead with a reusable insulated cup and felt this glimmer of a good deed had restored my hope.
When I got home and pondered, I think my efforts this Christmas are a good start, especially along with all the efforts made by so many others. It’s always worthwhile but its not enough. As I’ve said before, no one I’ve ever spoken to thinks being kinder to the world is a daft idea. People just need a few pointers to make the changes easy for them.
The Fantastic Less Plastic website will be fully up and running soon and I’ll be sharing some more ideas on how to get started on your kinder journey using less waste and plastic. The kitchen ideas I’ve mentioned above will be available along with lots of other ways to change around the house.
So as the decorations come down and we see in the new year (which traditionally I’m not a fan of), this year I’m embracing it and making some quiet promises to myself. Oh yes, this introvert is ready for some peace, and to positively welcome in 2019. If you, your company or community group want any help or ideas to become Planet Kind in 2019 please do get in touch….
Happy Fantastic Less Plastic New Year
Photo credit to National Geographic…