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Thanks for visiting the website. I’m Ellie, a mum to 2 amazing small people, lover of good tea and red wine (not together), and now small business owner. It’s a small business with big heart. FANTASTIC Less Plastic is a store and hub where you can feel confident that everything you buy has been produced as ethically, locally and kindly as possible. Many of the products you see here are hand made and have been carefully sourced to bring you only the highest quality and natural products. Our aim is to help you make small steps to the way you live. Kinder to you and the environment.

Now settled in the South East of England we enjoy the city we live in as well as the surrounding countryside and coast. I was once a free-er spirit (!) lucky enough to travel around the world visiting forests, oceans, reefs, deserts, mountains and glaciers.

So I’ve always had a love and respect for the world and over the last few years, through my own experiences and amazing documentaries like Blue Planet, I’ve been shocked to witness and learn more about the impact our lifestyles are having on the planet. This includes the huge effect that wasteful single-use plastic has had, for example…


Did you know that…

each year, enough plastic is thrown away to circle the earth 4 times


almost EVERY piece of plastic ever made still exists today...a very scary thought


When people want to change their plastic habits it can be hard to know where to start


I think the question we are all asking ourselves is ‘can I really make a difference?’. I believe the answer is a resounding yes! In the words of David Attenborough:

“We’re the first generation to know enough about the extent of the problem, and the last who can do anything about it.”

With my background in research, policy making and behavioural change, I did my own research and was even more shocked by what I found. The scary truth is that without even realising it, our lifestyles are damaging the planet beyond repair.

So I was inspired to make changes to my own lifestyle and shopping habits, to feel like I was doing my bit, however small that might be. What I quickly found was that small changes really can make a big difference and it’s not about being perfect, I wasn’t interested in faddy unsustainable behaviours.

As I explored further, I realised what I needed was to find realistic alternatives to old habits. Talking to family and friends I could see I wasn’t alone, other people wanted to do their bit in a way that felt manageable too.

Our choices really can make a world of difference.

So here we are! FANTASTIC Less Plastic. A place where you can shop for high quality, plastic free and ethically sourced products and gifts that will drastically reduce how much waste you and your household produce.

…But its more than that…My aim is to make it easy for anybody to make simple but effective changes. Here at FANTASTIC Less Plastic we aim to help you start your journey or make other simple changes if you’re already on your way.


The FANTASTIC Less Plastic Value is simple. Do as much as you can.

The clue is in our name. It’s FANTASTIC “less” Plastic, not  ‘FANTASTIC “NO” Plastic’!

There’s no judging here, because we’re all in this together.

So please, take a look through the site, shop, check out the blog and connect with us on social media.

Be part of the FANTASTIC revolution and in the spirit of spreading kindness, we’re giving 5% of any FLP profits to environmental charities. Win, win!!